Welcome to Portugal

Portugal Fixers' team is ready to assist you in visiting our country and publish/broadcast your news. Schedule your visit and we will prepare everything for you – better yet, we’ll do it for you. You are our guest!

- Editorial Content: we will assist you with an interpreter/translator, finding good news, recording studios for audio, cameras and all the tools needed for broadcasting.

- Personal assistance: we will take care of your transportation and accommodation.

Lisbon – Our dearest capital

Lisbon is a luminous city. There are so many things to explore and to see in Lisbon, which allow visitors to have access to a wide range of different experiences. Portugal Fixers' team will guide you in exploring our city and finding interesting angles to make Lisbon a news headline in your country.

Visit Portugal

Portugal is known for its amazing weather, tourism, gastronomy, culture and music. Any place from north to south is worth a visit. Portugal Fixers' team can help you find the hot spots. 


Know more about Portugal

Want to know everything about Portugal? Start by placing us on Europe's Map. Portugal Fixers will help you to experience our culture and publish your news. Contact us and subscribe to our Newsletter.

Meet the Fixers' Team

Mafalda Marques – health issues, tourism and wellness

Ana Rita Justo –  sports, economics and politics

Sofia Neves – lifestyle